Our hydraulic mosaics express tradition and design.

They are individually hand made by our craftsmen, who carefully mix each material into moldes, creating shapes and designs that will bring life and personality to any space.

Each mosaic is a fragment of a personal story told by the artisan through his hands. It is the way he has to express the emotions of the day. That is why each mosaic is unique and special every time.

Being of a hard material, mosaics are functional and easy to maintain. They have infinite applications and could be used as floors, walls, on interiors and exteriors. In addition to providing style and originality, they are adequate for residencial and commercial environments.

Through the creation of contemporary designs and new uses for this material, we offer aesthetic and state of the art solutions for each one of our clients. We have worked from small projects to emblematic real estates developments. We have also collaborate in different creative projects and exhibitions.

We can make almost every existing pattern, but we also seek to offer original and exclusive designs. For that matter, we occasionally work with artists, designers and architects, to create a catalog with a high range of designs.